How to build a Laundry Room really, really cheap...
In late September, Yvan wanted his progress payment for having finished the laundry room. But the clients found that virtually nothing had been done, and no payment was forthcoming.  On October 8th, Haince tried again for his progress payment on the laundry room. The clients confirmed that the stackable units were in place and paid Yvan $1700 - in cash, at his request.
behind the washer and dryer, unfinished and illegal plumbing
standard washer and dryerHowever, when a new contractor was hired to finish the project, he pointed out that the enclosure had not been painted. He had his crew pull the washer and dryer out of its enclosure, and found this.....the back of the enclosure had not been finished.

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The drain pipe for the washer had been installed in the wall, but it was a 1 ½" pipe which terminated in a T-junction. That's a violation of building code.  The washer would have caused a major flood in trying to drain.

Finishing the electrical, plumbing and drywall is part of the $32,000 which the client had to pay in order to remedy Yvan Haince's work.
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