Yvan Haince

Not just a liar but a perjurer; not just a thief but an embezzler. This is Yvan Haince of Chester NS who, according to the contributors to this web site, is the most incompetent and most destructive "contractor" they've ever met. Haince's cold-blooded disregard for the plight of his clients has led some people to wonder if he's a psychopath

Haince even managed to trash a National Research Council of Canada R&D project which would have seen "bullet-proof-communications" to islands in the Caribbean and South Pacific during and after catastrophic storms.

Haince's conduct is the most concrete evidence we've ever seen that contractors in Nova Scotia need to be trained and licensed - as in most provinces - before being released on an unsuspecting public. In this episode, Haince exploited a lack of consumer protection laws against crooked and incompetent contractors to turn a $52,000 project into a quarter million dollar debacle.
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Yvan Haince - crooked contractor

His relentless greed, dishonesty, and incompetence triggered a legal brawl which did not go well for Yvan. His most serious transgression was to file a fraudulent lien on the property from which he was fired. The lien was thrown out by the court. The lien stunt could have landed Haince in jail for up to ten years in some jurisdictions but in Nova Scotia there are no deterrents and usually no consequences for such behaviour. This website chronicles Haince's 6 months of stumbling through a project which he came nowhere near completing, for which he quoted $52,000, but which eventually cost the homeowner close to a quarter million dollars. By the time he was fired, he had been paid about $72,000. About $53,000 of that was in cash (per his request), which not surprisingly attracted the attention of the Canada Revenue Agency.

Given that about 80% of reno contractors in Canada are reportedly incompetent or crooked - or both - your chances of having a bad experience with a contractor are fairly high. This website is presented as a public service, in an effort to protect homeowners from unscrupulous renovation contractors and help them make informed decisions in having their homes renovated. Yvan Haince is presented as a case study, but his antics triggered  a new website - http://liensliesandlitigation.com/.

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When a new contractor was brought in to finish the project, he quoted about $80,000. That included approx. $32,000 to correct Haince's substandard workmanship and code violations. The new contractor finished the job on time and on budget.
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